Grab your Pen Party!

  1. Pick one thing to start with. This is an incomplete list, let me know what else should be here.
  2. For each action you take (or commit to), write it on a post-it and put it on our Grand Totals of OCC Actions. We’ll keep running totals on display on The Wall.
  3. Stay for the meditation on prayer circle 4-4.30 with Rev. Sally Train.

Who to Call or Write about What:

Commit to More Actionimg_7897s – marches, town hall meetings with elected representatives etc.

The Indivisible Guide to resisting the Trump agenda: the playbook being used by much of the resist movement. See this for where OPAA and others are coming from.



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Commit to Consumer Action

Write Signs for the Scientists’ March on April 22nd

img_7847Knit a Pink Hat for Marches etc.

Commit to Divest and Invest in Ethical Ways

  • We need someone to head this up – powerful but complex…

Get Inspired with Good News

  • Good news from plus ideas for more actions.
  • STAY FOR MEDITATION AND PRAYERS run by Rev. Sally Train.img_7923

Theological Perspective on Migration

United Church of Christ Immigration website

Becoming an Immigrant Welcoming Congregation (UCC produced pdf)

UCC Immigration Task Force: (Mari Castellanos, Immigrants’ Rights for Church World Service (Noel Andersen, Grass Roots Organizer
 The Good Shepherd UCC in Sahuarita, AZ (Pastor Randy Mayer,

UCC and Christian NGOs and Non-Profits:

  • Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity website and Pastor Deb Lee, Pastor Lee will be preaching at Orinda Community Church on Sunday Oct.23d 10am.
  • Christians for Comprehensive Immigration Reform website
  • Borderlinks website —
  • Interfaith Immigration Coalition website inc. policy recommendations.
  • Derechos Humanos—
  • Frontera de Cristo—
  • Humane Borders—
  • No More Deaths—
  • Witness for Peace—


A Promised Land, A Perilous Journey: Theological Perspectives on Migration 1st Edition Edition

by Daniel G. Groody C.S.C. (Editor), Gioacchino Campese (Editor)

Inspiration to Act: Faces of Migration

Here are some interesting stories, images and ideas around migration that might inspire  action.

Please find and share more by post-it during today’s forum, by commenting on this blog or by e mailing me at Include the title and source/link. 

The destruction of Allepo: An apocalyptic depiction of what has actually happened to this formerly beautiful city – not CGI, not a movie, this is real, this is what Syrian refugees are running from.

The boy in the ambulance, a 6 year-old’s invitation and Obama’s speech CNN website with video clip(1m). And the Time article including the full story of Omran Daqneesh and video clip.

Champions Against All Odds: Refugees Competing in the Rio Olympics from the UN video clip:

Full text of “The New Colossus” is here

Bono’s Invitation to Act on Refugees: “Turning people away is a betrayal of the whole idea of America.” video clip on FB by Attn. (1m30s)



We are all migrants: Historical Context

Human Migration in the New World Encyclopedia over view/primer article.

Charting Prehistoric Human Migration animation video clip from National Geographic Genographic Project. (1m23s)

National Geographic Genographic Project website including video clip “This is Who We Are”.

The history of migration in our genesvideo clip and website for you to trace your DNA ancestry .



img_1456I’m an immigrant too: Getting naturalized as an American Citizen, Nov.6th, 2015


Migration Today: Facts and Faces

In the News:

General Information:

Non-Governmental Agencies