1. Pick one thing to start with. This is an incomplete list, let me know what else should be here.
  2. For each action you take (or commit to), write it on a post-it and put it on our Grand Totals of OCC Actions. We’ll keep running totals on display on The Wall.
  3. Stay for the meditation on prayer circle 4-4.30 with Rev. Sally Train.

Who to Call or Write about What:

Commit to More Actionimg_7897s – marches, town hall meetings with elected representatives etc.

The Indivisible Guide to resisting the Trump agenda: the playbook being used by much of the resist movement. See this for where OPAA and others are coming from.



  • Donate to:

Subscribe to Fact-Checked News Sources:

Commit to Consumer Action

Write Signs for the Scientists’ March on April 22nd

img_7847Knit a Pink Hat for Marches etc.

Commit to Divest and Invest in Ethical Ways

  • We need someone to head this up – powerful but complex…

Get Inspired with Good News

  • Good news from Upworthy.com plus ideas for more actions.
  • STAY FOR MEDITATION AND PRAYERS run by Rev. Sally Train.img_7923

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