Here are some interesting stories, images and ideas around migration that might inspire  action.

Please find and share more by post-it during today’s forum, by commenting on this blog or by e mailing me at Include the title and source/link. 

The destruction of Allepo: An apocalyptic depiction of what has actually happened to this formerly beautiful city – not CGI, not a movie, this is real, this is what Syrian refugees are running from.

The boy in the ambulance, a 6 year-old’s invitation and Obama’s speech CNN website with video clip(1m). And the Time article including the full story of Omran Daqneesh and video clip.

Champions Against All Odds: Refugees Competing in the Rio Olympics from the UN video clip:

Full text of “The New Colossus” is here

Bono’s Invitation to Act on Refugees: “Turning people away is a betrayal of the whole idea of America.” video clip on FB by Attn. (1m30s)




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