What are others doing? What could we do locally? Nationally and globally?

We each have some time, money and skills to share, and a vote to cast. Where can we direct our resources to help most effectively?

Explore and add yours in the comments, by Post-it at today’s forum or by e-mailing me at sueboudreau2004@yahoo.com. And join us at our next forums to take action together – here’s the flyer.

Local Action:

  • Become an Immigrant Welcoming Congregation (UCC produced pdf)
  • Be part of hosting an immigrant family (as St.Mary’s does). Speakers in our next forum on Sunday, Oct.23d here at Orinda Community Church address this.

Global/National Action:

Vote for local and national candidates and propositions who support humane and effective immigration policies:

  • Attend the League of Women Voters Election Propositions on Wed. Oct.26th 7-8pm at Orinda Community Church
  • Get information for your specific ballot for national, state and local candidates and propositions at Voters Edge sponsored by the League of Women Voters.
  • Interfaith Immigration Coalition website inc. policy recommendations.



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