With increasing global population and climate change, food shortages and conflict are escalating and migration is happening on an unprecedented scale, and is likely to intensify. This is a huge issue in November elections and a shining opportunity for Christians to take the lead in a humane and effective response.

Forum I     The History of Human Migration

Sunday, September 25th 11:30 – 12:30   Orinda Community Church Library

An Interactive Event Facilitated by Sue Boudreau, OIS Science Teacher & OCC’s Justice & Mercy Commission Chair

Where do we all come from? Why do people migrate? What is the status of migration in the world & the US now? What can be done to alleviate the hardship of forced migration? Questions, some answers and a start to “The Wall” exhibition.

  1. Introduction to us and the issue:  Climate Change Refugees trailer (7m)
  2. Outline of the series and today’s format. See the flyer, conversation stations around the room and the blog pages with links to explore.
  3. Welcoming prayer
  4. Introduction to the Conversation Stations and iPad/smartphone research:
    1. Pin the Map: Where did your ancestors come from? Where would you most like to move to?
    2. Migration from fear to hope: What would pull you to emigrate? What would push you to move/emigrate? Which would be planned and which would force you to flee?
    3. Questions, guesses and iPad research on human migration. Click the blog button in the top left of this page for organized, curated resources or do your own Google search.
    4. The Wall: A mock up of the exhibition. Research and add resources for migration past and present, facts above, the faces and feelings below. And add ideas and resources for what to do to alleviate the suffering. There are lots of organized and curated resources: click the blog button above. Scroll down to find something that interests you, or find your own with a Google search.
  5. Circulate, chat, write, research, listen. Add to our exhibition board.
  6. Wrap up: What surprised you? What were the main things you learned?
  7. Next steps: Upcoming events. See flyer.